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Xlate maps any file format to any other file format. A powerful mapping solution that gives companies of all sizes the ability to integrate internal systems and applications with trading partners. Xlate is the perfect solution for the most simple or the most complex of mappings. A super powerful mapping solution. Included with Xlate is a vast selection of commonly used dictionaries, with updates made available. Xlate can also be integrated with Odex Enterprise, providing greater control and visibility of the entire mapping process

New to Xlate Evolution? The below pages will instruct users on the prerequisites and give an introduction to the product.

Download and install the latest versions of Xlate Evolution.

Learn more about Xlate Evolution in our step by step guides. The guides range from installing Xlate Evolution for the first time to moving Xlate Evolution to a new machine

This will contain patches and fixes on the current release of Xlate Evolution. This include step by step guides on implementing the patches.

Video guides covering several aspects of Xlate Evolution

Xlate Evolution manuals and other information for users.